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Live client data feeds

Custom Dashboard Reporting

Build client dashboards yourselves with live streaming data sets. The data sets can come from Xero, Quickbooks Online, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, Microsoft Excel, and 50+ other 3rd party data sources.

If you want to charge your clients standalone on a monthly basis, you can. If you want to charge them as part of your Virtual CFO program and incorporate the dashboard, you can also. The vehicle is yours to service and deliver value to your clients.

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Instant Messaging

functionally to instantly chat between client and accountant. You have always been able to text with your clients. Now its loaded in a controlled environment. Granting access to other accountants in the firm to be informed on discussions and all discussions backed up in cloud storage.

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Cloud Storage

Permanent Docs

Cloud based storage of client documents. Past tax returns, financials, etc. The client can instantly upload documents from the mobile application into the permanent docs. The folders are sectioned public and private to control what storage is visable to the client.