Why accountants should be using Alteryx

What is Alteryx?

It is a self-service data analytics software to prep and blend data. It sits in front of Power BI Web, and after you have extracted the data into a database.

An example to give you an understanding of what it could do for your accounting firm:

Your client Peter Mox owns and runs a successful online shoe shop named Shoe’s R Us. He uses Xero for his accounting software and Hubspot for his CRM system.

You have access to both Xero and HubSpot and Peter has asked you to do some management reporting as part of your Virtual CFO program.

You collect and store his Xero and HubSpot data in a SQL Database (as per step 2 above). You then open up the Alteryx designer software and bring in both data sources. You use the Alteryx Fuzzy Matching component to match the Xero customers with the HubSpot CRM customers. You also map all the address into the system. Once complete, you can then export this data source into Microsoft Power BI.

Now just think about what you have created. A binding connection between accounting data and a CRM system. You now know the characteristics of the people who actually buy the shoes. Not the prospects who give you the best click rate from keywords in a Google AdWords campaign. You know the characteristics of who buys from Shoe’s R Us.

You can now open Microsoft Power BI and build visualisations with this new data. This is game changer for insights you can bring to your client.

Why Alteryx?

It’s built for the non developer. You don’t need to be a data scientist or a developer to start using it. It’s built for us.

2 weeks ago I was having a drink with an intermediate accountant working for a Big 4 in the advisory division. He was being flown to Sydney for the week. A full week training course in Alteryx.